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Hi, I’m David and I’m raising three kids, ages 3, 6, and 7, here in Bradenton.

My wife, Jacquelyn, and I have planted our roots here and there are a few things that are concerning us. I’m a business owner, and I have a background in law and policy, and I think that can be applied to city council business.

I’m running to bring back the curbside recycling program and to end the entanglement between developers, lawyers, and the city.

Here are a few of my positions:

First, ethics and corruption. My opponent’s husband is a government and land-use attorney for developers, who works for Blalock Walters — the law firm that has Bradenton’s city attorney contract. It is not only a HUGE conflict of interest, but it’s also one heck of a RACKET.

Second, our curbside recycling program — one of a city’s most basic functions, next to balancing a budget. Our city’s recycling program failed miserably on my opponent’s watch, and the guy at the top of that program still makes $146K/year and the next guy makes $65K/year, and it goes down from there. Adjustments need to be made.

Third, workforce housing needs to be a top priority. People who work here should be able to live here. If you look at cities where there is no workforce housing — it causes traffic and other issues, and that’s not a place we want to be. Workforce housing is a part of being a well-balanced city.

That is a good segue into the next plank in my platform:

Fourth, we need to manage our growth while preserving our environment.

Fifth, we all see the homeless problem is growing, but homelessness is only a part of the problem —  the other parts being mental health and addiction — and we need to do something about it before it gets out of hand. BPD should offer addiction disruption treatment (see ibogaine), even if it is against federal regulation (as is the state’s medical marijuana program).

Sixth, I stand firmly against over regulation. My opponent tried to impose needless regulations on short term rentals and AirBnB hosts. She failed, but that kind of thinking stifles growth and quality of life. 

Regarding fiscal policy, I advocate for low taxes, reduced government spending, and minimal government debt. I also advocate for oxford commas.

Regarding social policy, I believe in traditional values, but I do not advocate for those values because I also believe in personal freedom.

We need to emerge from the past two years with more leadership and a brighter outlook towards the future. Not the kind of rusty patina that’s starting to accumulate.

If you have any questions like, “Where did you go to school?” (Cooley Law) or “What are your thoughts on the budget?” Give me a call!

Call Me: (941) 363-1640VolunteerDonate

Ward 2

A New Police Chief for Bradenton

You know how I feel about uniforms: I don’t want to resemble NYC, LA, Chicago or DC with our dark blues/black uniforms. That’s small potatoes when it comes to a low trust leadership failure like we have with Bradenton Police Department’s Chief Bevan.

We should look for a former Navy SEAL who is looking for or already has a career in law enforcement…


Bradenton PublicStuff

Did you know the City of Bradenton has an app that allows you to send service requests like potholes, missed garbage, and dangerous conditions?




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